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Solutions for Your Most Complex Plastic Extrusions

DSC_6730.jpgReschcor supports your business with the efforts of our dedicated engineers as we find solutions to our customers' plastics extrusion demands. Our core competencies, in-line services, materials and overall commitment to quality will ensure execution of even the most complex plastic extrusion processes.

Extensive tooling, design, and manufacturing experience allow us to offer capabilities that are virtually unlimited. Our plastic extrusion core competencies include:

  • Wood composite extrusion
  • Multi-hollow extrusion
  • Co-extrusion
  • Tri-extrusion
  • Dual durometer extrusion

By clearly identifying the application and then combining your input with the design, Reschcor engineers make your product unique with these In-line services:

  • Post extrusion forming
  • Notching
  • Punching
  • Die cut patterns
  • Drilling
  • Embossing
  • Routing
  • Angled end cuts
  • Time & Date printing
  • Logo printing
  • Application of labels
  • Kitting
  • Application of both permanent and removable adhesive
  • Application of magnets

To learn more about how Reschcor can facilitate your next custom application, please Contact Us.

“They have the ability to effectively communicate at every level in the organization (President, Engineers, Customer Service, etc..). Reschcor maintains a culture of putting the customer first.”

- Eric, Commodity Manager – Twinsburg, OH
“They are competitive, open to new business and will help with new or improved design changes. They are young, but have an open leadership style."

- Keith, Commodity Manager – Maumee, OH
“They take a young, progressive approach.”

- Bernard, Director - Corporate Supply Chain – Milford, IN
“They are easy to do business with because they are able to arrange their schedules according; they will work with you if something goes wrong and their quality guys are in contact with us to find a solution."

- Bruce, Purchasing Manager – Walnut Creek, OH
“They have been able to give us competitive pricing and have helped on the technical side with being able to suggest design enhancements..."

- Phil, President – New Holland, PA
“We chose them because of location proximity to our manufacturing plant. Their engineering and technical support people are very good.”

- Brian, Engineer – Elkhart, IN
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