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Customer Success Story: Automation of In-Line Fabrication

Published: Sep 16, 2014

The Reschcor team presents an attitude focused on providing innovative solutions to customers every day!

While the automated in-line fabrication is an added-value to many customers at Reschcor, the team is constantly evolving its capabilities and adapting to new customer demands. At Reschcor's comprehensive manufacturing facility, the team of skilled engineers often utilizes the most advanced technology to accommodate their customer's fabrication requirements.

A recent example of their automated in-line fabrication capabilities occurred when a Reschcor team member discovered that a valued customer was sending a specialty pipe product to a third-party fabricator in order to have holes drilled. Since being a total partner to their customer is a priority at Reschcor, the team was quick to present a solution that would reduce lead time and present cost savings.

An initial meeting was conducted to fully understand the final application of the finished product and all of the steps in the supply chain. It was determined Reschcor could offer additional value to the customer by fabricating the holes in-line. Reschcor's team of engineers met to determine the best way to accomplish this for the customer and quickly set out to have the required equipment manufactured.  This project also involved the internal tool room and maintenance departments, who thrive on solving these types of challenges.

Through the automation of in-line fabrication, the customer saved approximately $17,000 per year. There were also additional savings in transportation and handling which were not calculated and lead times were reduced by two weeks.

In-line fabrication has a strong return on investment due to rapid automation, reduction of labor, lack of necessity for third-party assistance.  In the end, Reschcor was able to provide a finalized product to the customer.  When factoring in the savings from a reduction of Work In Progress, logistics costs of additional transportation to a third party, and a reduction of lead time, Reschcor was able to create a substantial cost savings for the customer.  



“They are competitive, open to new business and will help with new or improved design changes. They are young, but have an open leadership style."

- Keith, Commodity Manager – Maumee, OH
“We chose them because of location proximity to our manufacturing plant. Their engineering and technical support people are very good.”

- Brian, Engineer – Elkhart, IN
“They have been able to give us competitive pricing and have helped on the technical side with being able to suggest design enhancements..."

- Phil, President – New Holland, PA
“They are easy to do business with because they are able to arrange their schedules according; they will work with you if something goes wrong and their quality guys are in contact with us to find a solution."

- Bruce, Purchasing Manager – Walnut Creek, OH
“They take a young, progressive approach.”

- Bernard, Director - Corporate Supply Chain – Milford, IN
“They have the ability to effectively communicate at every level in the organization (President, Engineers, Customer Service, etc..). Reschcor maintains a culture of putting the customer first.”

- Eric, Commodity Manager – Twinsburg, OH
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